Twitter Advertising and Marketing (Internet Advertising and Marketing Secrets E-book 2) by Tina Willer

Micro-blogging on Twitter provides a terrific way to build a following and begin a relationship with potential customers. This is a brief overview of what we will be discussing in this book. First, I am going to give you a basic understanding of what Twitter is, how it works and why you need to use it, to market your merchandise over the internet. Then we will move onto the six steps you can implement drive an automobile traffic to your Ebooks, website or anywhere else on the web you need traffic. Because it is so easy to establish a following on Twitter, one can easily add hundreds of followers in just one or two hours simply by chatting about a topic of interest.

Twitter is the most famous micro-blogging sites. It can be used to drive fast traffic aimed at your website or EBooks for sale upon Amazon, NOOK, or anywhere else on-line. Micro-blogging on Twitter provides a powerful way to build a following and begin a relationship with potential customers on your Ebooks and other products.

Personalized transparency gives each new publish, added credibility. You and your tweet are transparent because everyone could see who every tweet is received from. So “tweeting” which is generally entering your 140 words in your twitter post about your Ebooks or other products can lead to immediate results.

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