Top-Rated Book on Small Business Marketing by Mark Mathis

"As a 68 year old making my first entry into niche eCommerce, I had concerns that it would be a confusing project. Thanks to Mark, it went very.

No geek talk, complicated instructions or anything like that. Mark built my online store and I supplied product and pricing information. Now I have a great looking online store and a new way to build my business."

Testimonial from William K.
Pensacola, Florida


"Mark has done a awesome job in chunking down for me the process of building out an ecommerce site into easy to understand steps and keeping me focused along the way.

I'd urge anybody wanting to make a success out of their venture to follow Mark's roadmap."

Testimonial from Stephen S.
United Kingdom


"The entire training is very useful for small business owners who are starting a new ecommerce site and need simple, step by step guidance on almost every aspect of getting an ecommerce site up and running in a short amount of time."

Testimonial from Tom S.
Capture Commerce


"Wow, what can I say… I am VERY impressed! There is a huge amount of knowledge in this book. So much in fact, that I find myself re-reviewing the chapters on how to start a new ecommerce site and finding another gem of information. What a great job!"

Testimonial from Julio F.
eCommerce Store Owner

Business owners are currently facing the most competitive environment that has ever existed…

Internet marketing and lead generation has become the great "equalizer", that allows unique businesses, just like you, to compete (and even dominate) against MUCH larger competitors that may even have {advertising|marketing budgets which are 10x larger than yours.

Don't worry 🙂

In this book, I'm going to "pull back the curtains" and show you the Internet marketing secrets, tips, and sneaky techniques that we use everyday, to help our business clients dominate their local markets…

With the overwhelming proliferation of social media outlets like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, and Yelp, you might be wondering "Where do I start"? And more importantly "How is this going to help me increase my sales and get more customers"?

In addition, as "local Internet marketing" opportunities like Google + Local, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local has increased in importance (and in its effectiveness) over the last year, you'll learn exactly how to take advantage of these platforms to build a thriving list of people who have already been "pre-qualified", automatically, to want to do business with you and your company.

After all, as an entrepreneur, you only have a very LIMITED amount of time in the day to do the things that you need to do…

I understand completely, and thats why, in this book, you'll learn the "insider secrets" that will show you exactly how to:

1.) generate a huge list of your most "ideal" customers, from FREE sources, all on auto-pilot.

2.) build a deeper relationship and rapport, through the use of automated followup systems & "underground" online tools.

3.) dominate your local market through creative Internet marketing techniques utilizing only the most important websites (as Google sees them 🙂

4.) maximize the results of every single minute of time that you spend on your Internet marketing .

5.) increase your sales (and happy client referrals) through unique, memorable, and easy-to-setup marketing campaigns (that your competitors don't even know about.. YET 🙂 and much more…

This book is truly an "Internet marketing for Small Business Owners" MBA, and if you take the time to 1.) read this book, and 2.) actually implement the marketing techniques that you'll learn about, you'll dominate your local market in no time at all!

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER! When you buy this book today, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to a huge list of bonus videos, articles, tutorials, case studies, and much more.. These bonuses alone have a real value of $397.00 and are immediately available for you to access when you buy this book today!

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