Tips For Starting A Residual Income Opportunity With The Best Approach

There are countless ways of marketing mlm home business programs but one of the best is the use of websites designed purely for the product or service involved. Selling companies products or services online using online marketing tactics is a fantastic way to make sales and earn money. It can be done just by simply creating a simple web page with the information people are looking for. The biggest plus point about this system is you can find whatever product you wish, to sell, without having to worry about creating your own.

Obviously, the first task is to decide on a product that you can sell and there are many ways in which you can find a product or service in demand. You should not be in a rush at this point because you will need to spend time reading and understand the terms and conditions of the company you want to work with. Misunderstandings amongst mlm reps and companies are common so do not be one of them as it will affect your earning potential. There are often cases where the trading country cannot export their product to foreign countries or they can only pay people who are resident in that particular land.

Be wary of residual income opportunity programs that pay less than fifty percent commission unless you can guarantee a high retention rate and which can highlight the latest areas for products to consider. You should always be wary of programs that require a registration or administration fee as they probably earn their income from the large number of people that sign up with them. If you are new to this it is best you stay with companies that are reliable and have a track record. In the early days it is better you do not experiment with too many mlm companies until you have gained some experience in marketing techniques.

Marketing products is not that difficult and it is easy to obtain free ebooks as well as upline support with the good programs on the subject if you do an online search for them or useful websites; just be careful you are not *bogged* down with information. Many of the free ebooks contain web links to buy products that the author receives an affiliate commission on but you do not have to click on these and it does not mean the information is of little worth. Many free services exist which can help someone new to this business so why not use them while you are building up an income, there will be plenty of time to invest later. Services provided free is often a way for the person selling them to build up a trust that can generate sales later on.

Do not forget that many types of advertising still exist outside of the Internet and to be a successful mlm home business marketer you must consider these also. The advertising only needs to direct people to your website where if it has been designed correctly, will do the work for you. A good way to find where all the traffic is being directed from is by using tracking, something that all professional marketers use regularly. There is a great deal of money to be made with income opportunity home based business because you are not restricted to just one product or company. A final word of warning is about just how easy it is to be sent off in the wrong direction because there is so much information to take in.

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How To Build A Website To Sell Your E-Book

The sales website is the most crucial area in the informational products business. You could have the most interesting and informative book in the world but if your sales ‘copy’ is crap people won’t buy it and you won’t make any money. To start with you need only create three pages which are:

1… The sales page
2… The affiliate’s page
3… The ‘thank you’ page

The Sales Page:

The sales page is where you sell your book with a sales pitch using one or preferably a combination of words, videos, testimonials, audio – whatever suits your product.

It is imperative that you get the ‘copy’ right as if you screw it up it will cost you thousands of dollars in sales. Especially important is the ‘headline’, the one or two sentence ‘teaser’ at the top of the page.

How the ‘headline’ makes ALL the difference to your sales:

A friend of mine in the marketing business changed just 4 words in his headline and his sales jumped from $1000 a week to over $3000 a week INSTANTLY!

The reason is this…When you get a visitor to your website they’ll read the headline first and if it doesn’t captivate their attention IMMEDIATELY, they will close the page down and go elsewhere. It is the choice of words which is so important.

An example selection of words you should use in your ‘headline’:

Secrets Amazing Shocking Revealed Explosive Startling

Warning Urgent Dynamite Potent Mind-blowing Successful

Discount Save Soar Unlock Formula Blockbuster

Unleash Earn Discover Uncover Slash Secure

Accomplish Achieve Hurry Burst Explode Profit

Benefit Powerful Strong Surprise Superior Increase

Surefire Miracle Wealth Tested Proven Direct

Bonus Trusted Genuine Exclusive Approved Endorsed

An example selection of phrases you should use in your ‘headline’:

How to… Who else wants… Insider secrets…

100% guaranteed… Special offer… Closely guarded secrets…

Act now… Money saving… Zero-risk…

Limited to the first… How you can The shocking truth about…

The truth about… If your serious about… Free bonuses…

Urgent information… Discover how to… Take advantage of…

Are you ready… Special invitation… 100% pure…

A breakthrough system… The quickest way to… Individually designed…

It’s so easy… A simple solution to… Results in just…

Your chance to… Information packed… More powerful than ever…

Yours free if you… Astounding new… 12 proven steps to…

Say goodbye to… Surprisingly simple… Hassle free…

Cash in on… Instant results… Insane profits…

Enjoy the ultimate… You’ll wonder why… In test after test…

If you’re stuck and don’t know where to begin you could always pay a professional copywriter from to do it for you. Even if it costs $500, you’ll make your money back extremely quickly if it’s done properly. Check out Marlon Sanders for tips on copywriting.

As I mentioned above, there are other important aspects to your sales page and having testimonials is one of them. These can be extremely powerful way to sell your product. If you don’t have any, get members of your family or friends to review your book and write some for you.

The Affiliates Page:

This is another extremely important area as affiliate sales will probably be how you make the bulk of your money. You must get this correct from day one! Provide affiliates with articles, text ads, graphics and other material to sell you product. If you don’t bother, they won’t bother.

The last affiliate website I set up was ‘software’ based and I scoured different websites looking for different products to promote. If I wasn’t provided with good marketing material and a graphic to use I just moved on.

Here is a good example of an affiliate’s page: how to work from home

The ‘Thank You’ Page:

After someone buys your book, they will be automatically redirected by clickbank, or whichever payment processor you use, to your ‘thank you’ page. You will give instructions on how to download your product, your email address in case of technical queries and a link out to another one of your websites, if you have one.
You can also use the ‘thank you’ page as a money making tool as I’ve already discussed.

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How To Create Maximum Exposure With Press Releases

Every time I release a new product I send out a press release to try and create immediate exposure, interest and traffic. Do you remember the story of the teenager who created the website ‘Million Dollar Home Page’ selling pixels for advertising space to pay for his college education?

As far as I know, the only advertising he did was to send out a single press release which was picked up and published by a national newspaper. This started the ball rolling and he made just under a million dollars in a couple months selling this new type of advertising space. You can see the power of press releases.

The other advantage is that as your ‘URL’ is included in each press release, you can instantly create hundreds of direct one way links which will give you a major boost in your search engines rankings as I’ll explain in the next chapter.

Writing a press release:

Writing a good press release can be surprisingly difficult and if you plan to do it yourself, make sure you look at a selection of similar ones in the same category. You can pay someone to do it for you but it will cost around $200 – $300, so do your research and have a go yourself.

Tips for writing a press release:
When writing your press release, it should be:
Concise: Editors receive hundreds of press releases a week and are more likely to read releases that are brief and to the point.
Well-written: A good way to ensure your press release ends up in the trash is: bad spelling, poor grammar and illogical claims.
Factual: Stick to logical claims and avoid statements of belief such as: we’re the best, the cheapest, etc.
Honest: Avoid padded quotes by you or your staff; even if they are experts; they come across as biased.

Questions to consider before you write a press release:
1. Who is the targeted audience of your press release?
2. What do you want readers to gain from your press release?
3. What sort of information does your press release provide?
4. What is the support or justification for the information in your press release?
5. What is the tone of your press release?
6. What do you want to accomplish with your press release?

Does the press release’s opening statement answer the following:
Who ?
What ?
When ?
Where ?
Why ?
How ?

A good example of a press release: Has the Pleasure to Annouce the Publication of a First Time Author of a Children’s Book Entitled “The Why of Stars”
Suzi, a seven-year-old girl with a strong imagination ponders the existence of stars. Her questions generate an appreciation of the relationships of herself, other people and the cosmos.
Lasqueti Isle, B.C. (PRWEB) September 23, 2006 — A humorous and endearing story of a seven-year-old girl’s initial awakening of self-realization. Suzi, the protagonist, questions her parents and grandfather about why there should be stars. It is an important question for she lives in the prairies where the night sky is such an overpowering presence. Their answers only encourage Suzi to ponder the nature of stars with great concentration culminating to a beautiful conclusion. This book was self published thru Lulu, (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.
The author, Rockie Brede, has done a reading of this story before an audience of a hundred plus people and it was well received. Mothers in their twenties and up to their seventies heartily approved of the story “The Why of Stars.”

Here is a quote from the lips of the protagonist herself. “But daddy you have told me what stars are. I want to know why we have stars. What is their purpose? Do people make money on them?”

This brilliant children’s story is available on, It may be previewed at no charge.

Accompanying the story are thirteen illustrations, one baring the cover of the book. The front cover is done in pencil crayon and the rest in aqua pencil. The illustrations are vibrant and pleasing to the eye.

The author, Rockie Brede, is a single man, a recluse that lives on a boat and his closest neighbours are seagulls. He has realized significant artistic euphoric states. Ideally he would like to pursue his art full time and hopefully really short out his brains.

Recommended companies:

A good company to consider for your first press release is ‘PR Web’, the choice of many internet marketers. It will cost you between $50 and $200.

There is also a FREE service which can be found at ‘PR Leap’. The exposure isn’t great but what I tend to do is to send out a press release with them each week about updates I’ve made to one of my websites. It always creates a couple of permanent back-links from quality websites.

My advice is to try a press release once and see what the results are.
Business opportunities review

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How To Get High Rank In Alexa?

Here’s an extremely common question that I’m asked almost daily, either in comments or by email: How to get high rank in Alexa?

There’s no easy way to answer this question but we’re going to do our best. Here’s awesome way it can be answered – it depends 100% on the keyword. For a keyword that isn’t competitive at all, it might take 1. For a keyword that’s super competitive, it might take 100,000,000.

If you want to figure this out for any keyword, this is the process that I’d go through:

1. Search for the keyword in ????? yahoo and save the top 4 sites that come up.

2. Go to Yahoo and do a link domain search on each (search for Yahoo will then list all of the pages that are linking to each URL.

3. Note the total number of inlinks shown. This is the number that you will probably have to beat, but to be more accurate you will have to also follow the next step.

4. Check the Rank of each page that’s linking to your competitors’ pages. Count the number of links that have certain Rank numbers. After you complete this process you should know how many pages have PR10, how many have PR9, how many have PR8, how many have PR7, how many have PR6, how many have PR5, how many have PR4, how many have PR3, how many have PR2, how many have PR1, and how many have PR0.

If you want to get ranked #1 in Google, you will basically need to beat your competition and that means you will have to first match what they have in their link profile and then beat them.

Let’s say that after checking your competitors’ links you find that the strongest site has 3 PR3 links, 15 PR2 links, 57 PR1 links, and 120 PR0 links. In order to beat them, you will need 4 PR3 links, 15 PR2 links, 57 PR1 links, and 120 PR0 links. Note: the best way to ensure a #1 ranking is to get more of the strongest PR links they have, and then match everything else. An alternative method for beating this site would be to get three PR3 links, 15 PR2 links, 57 PR1 links, and 250 PRO links. When you’re trying to move past a site by getting more PR0 links, you generally have to beat the number by a larger amount.

Overall guys this process isn’t that hard. You have to map out what your competitor has going and then beat it.

Those of you who are looking for a fast way to add up these numbers can use SEO Elite. It will gather this information for you. Those of you that need to save some money can just count them up manually – SEO Elite isn’t cheap (SEO Elite is now $47 per month).

Click here to read more about Futaba

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TheTop WaysTo Get Visitors To Your Website

There are more ways to get traffic to your site than you can possibly imagine.

Getting targeted visitors to your site is the single most important aspect of any online business.You’ve probably heard it a million times, but without traffic you might as well be fishing for whales in a shallow creek. Site owners should try to get traffic from both online and offline sources and by conventional as well as creative methods.

Excluding the offline methods, here are the Top 4 online ways we know of to get more traffic to your website.

1. Search Engines

Perhaps the best and most well known of the traffic generating methods – If not the hardest. Every website owner who has pages related to your market is competing for targeted traffic. It’s going to take more patience and effort on webmasters part’s to get your pages listed in the major search engines as well as keep them at the top.This will be especially true with Google now filing for a patent on the criteria they will be using to rank pages.

To play the SE traffic game you need to optimize your webpages, provide relevant content and have good back links to sites that compliment yours.

If you have an existing site you should spend some time reviewing and optimizing those individual pages for the keywords and content that you have selected for it. That’s the one basic task you can do to help improve your site in the eyes of the search engines. This includes making sure the keywords are placed throughout your meta tags, title, description, headlines, body and even in the alt tags of your graphics on your page.

You can get a more detailed plan for optimizing your pages by reading the Search Engine Optimization article located at:

If you want to create a keyword list that you can optimize your site with you might want to visit

2. Backlinks

I think the second most viable way to get traffic to your site I believe is through creating backlinks from other sites. It takes a little time but you can really develop some long term traffic sources for you site.

If you want to You can check the number of links to your site from within the major search engines you can download this handy little piece of Free software that runs from your desktop that will give you a count on the number of links you have. You can get it here:

3. Writing and Distributing Articles

If you have your own website chances are that you’ve gained some specific expertise in the area associated with your site. You can turn that knowledge into a traffic generating machine by writing short, helpful articles that help solve problems and point people in the direction of your site.

You can write and submit them to other newsletter publishers and website owners. Here’s a short list of where to distribute them:

– Include in your site’s Article Section
– Article Directories
– Ezine Publishers
– Publish in your ezine
– Publish in your blog
– Announcement lists
– Forums

4. Site Content

This goes hand in hand with writing and publishing articles.You can research using the various search engines to find articles, newsfeeds and other relevant content to place throughout your site.

Just remember that whatever outside content you decide to include on your site should be with the copyrighted owners permission. You should also take the time to optimize those content pages for the search engines.

These pages should also have links either in a sidebar, header, footer, etc that act as doorways that visitors can enter other parts of your site. The more optimized content pages you have and that get spidered by the SE’s, the more likely you’ll bring visitors to your site.

That’s a brief look at the best strategies to bring traffic to your website. At this point in time it also looks like they are going to be the best and most accepted ways to get the traffic you want without being penalized by Google for not following their soon to be patented guidelines.

Ed Duvall is webmaster for providing targeted traffic tools and resourcesto help you with your online business. Reprint this article as long as resource box remains intact.

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Growing Your List With Free Product Ventures

[spin}Building|Growing|Developing[/spin] Your List with Free Product Ventures

With the obviousness of the importance of list building, comes a recent Internet Marketing trend which was started just a couple of years ago for the mutual benefits of all Internet Marketers and mailing list owners.

This method is more recognized as “starting a Free Product venture”.

In a real sense, a Give Away event is much like a big time version of ad swaps. In a nutshell, a group of mailing list owners partner together and pool in their individual gifts in one limited-time event.
Each participating enterpreneur contributes a gift to the event. The gift can be a free product, membership pass or a product he is already selling (if he is kind enough to offer into the event).

The participating partner prepares a Squeese Page where he gives the gift in exchange for the subscriber’s email address. In other words, in order for a visitor to download the digital gift, he must subscribe to your mailing list.

When the gifts are pooled together into one event (site), every partner will then endorse the Give Away event to their own subscribers.

The result: lots of visitors to one event as a collective effort of several participating partners!

With so many visitors downloading gifts from one focused event, it is a true win-win situation. This is because the visitors get to download several free gifts for their own use and every partner gets to build their own mailing list!

You can easily get notified about a Give Away event in the making by communicating with other Internet Marketers often or participating in Internet Marketing discussion and Joint Venture boards.

Aside from pre-selling your products and affiliated offers, the other purpose of your free viral report should be to build a big list.

This is because if you are unable to pre-sell, let alone sell, the products and services featured in your free report, the last ditch effort should be to collect leads. In short, if you cannot convert the reader into a ready buyer, you should then attempt to convert him or her into your subscriber.

In that manner, you can still follow up with your reader on future offers and have a chance at converting him or her into your customer, preferably lifetime.

You can do so by offering a lifetime update to your report or a unique notification list your reader will be interested in subscribing to, which leads to having him or her subscribed to your mailing list.

One of the few success factors in viral marketing of your free report is quality. If your readers find your information worth sharing, and you encourage them to do so by giving them the right to give your report away for free, you will be able to have your name, status and links within the report passed around without any effort on your part – simply because others are willing to do so for you!

Michael Kehinde

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